Luxury – a Josie Jenkins quote.

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I have become a bit of a quotaholic recently but here’s one of my own…a bit of a pearl of wisdom, even if I do say so myself. Using the term “one” gives it a certain amount of finesse I feel…

“Luxury is not simply being able to afford an expensive body lotion; it’s being able to slather it on as freely as one would a bottle of Johnson’s baby lotion.”

Josie Jenkins


Ha! Ha!

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Saw this quote today:

If we were meant to talk more and listen less, we’d have one ear and two mouths.

Made me laugh! Actually reminded me of another quote:

Connect brain to mouth before speaking.

I wonder why I’ve heard the one before?…ahem!

Are you having a good day folks? I hope so! And if you’re having a bad day, I hope tomorrow’s better! 🙂

Bye y’all!

Never underestimate…

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…The nourishing power of a hot bath (especially in the afternoon;such luxury), a warm towellette (you know, like the ones they give on long-haul flights. Aah…), the taste of strawberry jam on a piece of just-buttered toast…oh and a good quality deodorant!

Speaking of deodorant…can I just say to the lady in Bodyshop that: “You lied!” I don’t care how many volcanic properties there are in it, it did NOT work for me – humph!

Bye y’all!

The first official review is in folks!

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High-Heels And Slippers has it’s first official review on the Barnes And Noble website and apparently I am Highly Recommended – YAY!!!!!!!!!

Here it is: ” I have to admit, it takes a lot to get me to laugh while reading, BUT High-Heels & Slippers did just that! This book is relatable, down to earth, and such a fun read! You will not be able to stop reading as you are taken through the ins and outs of Josie Jenkins spunky life and personality!”
Thankyou “Rach32”! 🙂 Apparently you have won a Starbucks gift card – I would have plumped for something a bit more extravagant but it seems Ella’s budget is limited – humph!

So come on guys what are you waiting for – get your copy now! 😉 Just click on the link!

Bye y’all must go and book a hair appointment – I feel new highlights are called for…

The problem with self-help books…

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I was watching Nanny PcPhee Returns the other day (I know it’s a kids’ movie but it was on telly and I had nothing better to do … besides Emma Thompson reminds me of home). Anyway at the beginning, when Nanny McPhee has just arrived and is trying to explain her appearance to the bunch of unruly children, she says something along the lines of:

“When you need me but don’t want me, I must stay. When you want me but no longer need me, I must go”

And it occurred to me that the same thing could be applied to self-help books…

I think self-help books have a fundemental flaw: the people they target are the people least likely to actually pick one up and read it. I mean when you’re down in the dumps, your focus is usually wallowing in your own self-pity. You’re not usually receptive to some positive bright spark advising you on how to “Gain Control of Your Gloom” or “Walk Over To The Sunny Side of the Street”. No, because it just makes you feel worse, even more of a failure. You look at the picture of smug self-help book author and you weep, because next to them you look like a worthless drip! You read one chapter of their book and end up snivelling into a chocolate bar.

It’s like when Simon Cowell was on American Idol and he used to say to the contestants: “The only thing stopping you from winning this competetion is you!” And the poor wanna-be pop star would just stand there blinking back the tears. I mean come on Simon – how on earth is that helpful? You’re basically telling the poor sods that they’re ruining their own chances just by being themselves which they can’t do anything about!

It seems to me that we are most receptive to positive thinking when we are already thinking positively! So we should make a point of stocking up on our self-help reading when we feel we don’t need it, in the hope that it will carry us through the glum phases and then hopefully we, too, stand a chance of becoming an AMERICAN IDOL! Well not really but you know what I mean…although just so you know, I’m am actually quite good a karaoke

Bye y’all!

BOOK UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Also Ella has asked me to mention that if you do not have an ereader DON’T PANIC you can still read my story (if you want to that is!). All you have to do is go to and download it for your computer (which I assume you must have otherwise how on earth are you reading this blog?)

Phew – all this marketing stuff is exhausting! Can somebody hire a PR person please? I need to sit down…do we have any muffins?…Is it too early for white wine?…

Bye y’all!

BUY MY BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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OMG I cannot believe this is really happening but I am officially a published character!!!  High-Heels And Slippers is  available as an ebook  NOW at and

I cannot believe it – I am ON SALE AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And I’m only $2.99 which means I’m about the price of a bar of chocolate, less than a latte and definitely less than a cocktail! So really there is no excuse not to buy my book because after all what’s $2.99 between friends?

Apparently Ella is going to put some kind of widget thing on the blog so that you can just click and buy but until then (it could take a while – she is NOT computer savvy as we all know) please just use the above links! 

Go on…you know you want to…Aren’t you just a little bit curious to find out how I navigate my way through a modern-day love triangle involving  the oh-so-dishy Callum Doherty and the mysterious high-school sweetheart Tom Barker? What is Tom hiding from me? Will I go back to the UK to find out? And, if so, what will happen to the charming Mr Doherty?  Wow…I wanna buy it myself and I know what happens!  Go on just click!   This is the perfect summer read ladies! 🙂

And while you’re all busy reading my story I have a book launch party to arrange…I’m thinking black tie, ball gowns, maybe a string quartet, canapes and definitely champagne daaaarling! Oh joy!

Bye y’all!

Oh crikey must book in for highlights and leg wax…oh this is sooooooooo exciting! Eek!