A bit of a monk on!

I don’t know if you are aware if the above phrase but let me just tell you it sums up my position at the moment pretty accurately!  It may be just a Northern thing but we tend to use it when someone is having a right old proper sulk…and that’s me at the moment.  Why so sullen Josie? I hear you cry.   Well I have been completely and utterly neglected of late.  You may have noticed that my blog posts have been few and far between.  It’s not been of my choosing but that of my creator, Ella Slayne, who seems to have been way too busy to stoop so low as to give me a voice over the past couple of weeks! 

Why so busy? Well apparently she’s been organising the High-Heels And Slippers book launch party and that, as well as attending various Halloween festivities (it’s alright for some – she is munching a Reese peanut butter pumpkin as we speak) has kept her somewhat aloof!  I have been cast aside in favour of venue hunting, invitation printing and high-heel shopping (I can partly understand that though because the lure of a good pair of high-heels is hard to resist).  

I appreciate that all this takes time but lets just take a moment to remember who the star of the show is here? ME!  JOSIE JENKINS! I am the heroine of the novel for goodness sakes and so it would seem wise and perhaps just a tad polite to give me some airtime during this whole book signing thing wouldn’t it? I mean, if it wasn’t for me there’d be no excuse for a new pair of Poetic Licence heels from Nordstrom would there? No!  There would be no reason to seek out a rather fashionable French patisserie in which to host a book signing do would there? No! And if it weren’t for me, there would be no point in inviting guests to come and enjoy tasty high-heel shaped cookies while milling around and waxing lyrical about women’s fiction would there? No!  

So all I’m saying is, Ella, when you’re schmoozing at your book signing don’t forget who got you there in the first place! Humph!

PS: and by the way, you’re never going to fit into that black dress if you keep eating fun size milky ways! Double Humph!


4 Responses to “A bit of a monk on!”

  1. Gillian Tong Says:

    I have to agree you do have a point Josie but hey! she’s doing it all fo because of you. It should be a fun evening which, if you’ve been invited, you wouldn’t wish to miss. I have and I’ll be there.

  2. Oh have the invitations gone out already? I do not appear to have received mine yet!

  3. Geez Josie! You’re being too snarky. Ella will ground you. I know what you mean though. Just when we found out how our story ended, Machelle went and changed the middle of it.
    She speaks the truth, but now we aren’t sure how the story unfolds because try as she may, our Dear Machelle can’t seem to work us into her schedule.
    I wish we could go to the book signing, but I bet she won’t let us.
    Of course we’ll not be going. The signing is for Josie and Ella. My most sincere congratulations to you, Ella. And do drop in soon for a cup of tea.

    Clemence and The Harvester

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