An explanation of Zen.

So looks as if blogs are going to be a bit on and off over the summer as apparently it’s harder to focus when you’ve got three children running around the house – well this is what Ella says, but personally I think that’s a bit an excuse…I mean it can’t be that hard can it? All you have to do is stick kids in front of the TV right? No? Oh.  Well all I’m saying is she seems to be spending a lot more time hanging out by the pool now that the sun’s come out!

Anyway as a way of filling in the blogpost-gap Ella has decided to leave us all with a profound saying to mull over.  Can’t say I’m too impressed but, like I’ve said before I don’t get much of a say in the matter.  I’m not knocking Zen or anything…in fact I’ve contemplating dabbling in a bit of Buddhism ever since I saw Julia Roberts looking just a bit stunning in Eat Pray Love.  That’s the way to wear a tunic!  Mind you, you can carry anything off with legs as long as hers!    

Anyway here it is:  

 “Zen is like looking for the spectacles that are sitting on your nose.”  

Zen saying.

Okay … seriously is that the best you could come up with Ella?  How am I supposed to think of something deep to say about that?  I wear contact lenses for goodness sakes!

Bye y’all!


5 Responses to “An explanation of Zen.”

  1. Gillian Tong Says:

    Don’t knock Zen it might prove to be the only salvation during the school holidays!


    • You could be right! As a young professional, my main problem with the school holidays is that my community pool is suddenly full of kids – do you think Zen can take care of that for me? 😉

  2. Um, Josie, I think you’ve got an eye booger – let me just look – yep, it’s floating across the edge of your contact. It’s no big, really. Just gently dab it. You probably didn’t even notice part of your eyesight was blurry. They’re like cataracts. They just sneak up on your eyesight and before you know it, everything is blurry.

  3. Absolutely priceless!

  4. Ah, summertime is here isn’t it? Ah hell, none of us need an excuse…it’s called getting a break with from the damn cold and using the time wisely. Work on that tan, Babe!

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