Oh gosh choosing the right snack is such a pressure these days isn’t it? I mean you can’t just happily get a packet of custard creams and dunk them in your tea anymore can you?  No!  Gone are the days of a guilt-free afternoon Twix!

Now we have to make sure that every snack is high protein and low sugar.  Or rich in fiber but with reduced salt.   It  can involve carbohydrates but only if it’s the right kind of carb – the complicated kind…or is it  complex?  Basically if it looks like you should line a guinea-pig cage with it, you’re alright!  

A nutritious snack  should also involve some raw fruit or vegetable apparently (think guinea-pig again here) and if there’s some live yoghurt or some kind of foul tasting obscure plant mixed in, all the better.  

I don’t want to sound like a grump!  I mean I know all this stuff is good for me, it’s supposed to flush out my toxins, make my skin look radiant, regulate my bowel movements and prolong my life expectancy. 

But as I sit here dipping a carrot into a tub of humus I can’t help feeling that I’d rather be eating a Snickers, even if does mean I won’t live as long!  

Bye (crunch) y’all! (Crunch, crunch!)


2 Responses to “Snacks!”

  1. Love “complicated” carbs nstead of complex and references to guinea pigs.

  2. Umm…does drinking your dinner count as a diet method? If it does I’m definitely in.
    Sorry, I’m doing some drunken blogging this afternoon. My bad! Thought I’d stop by and say hello!

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