Let’s Get Royal!

Ok,  I admit it, I am getting a bit excited about the BIG WEDDING on Friday!  I’ve never been a full-on royalist or anything but let’s face it, as my Aunty Meg used to say:  who doesn’t love a good do?  

I am very excited to see THE DRESS and am hoping that Kate goes for the full sparkles-puffed-out-skirt-tiara look because … well she’s a princess for goodness sake!  This in not the time to hold back! I love a bit of Vera Wang, don’t get me wrong (well I would if I could afford it) but a Royal Wedding calls for bling on a large scale if you ask me. 

I do hope she has someone fully au fait with Royal Glamour advising her on this (and not just the people from What Not To Wear).  I would do it, but I’m absolutely snowed under at work, so…you know…I’m…unavailable but thanks for asking…not! 

Actually come to think of it a representative from the Walt Disney animating team might be better because after all, they know how to do the princess look don’t they?  She’s already got the hair.  All they have to do is maybe accentuated her curves a little so that her boobs look completely out of proportion with the rest of her body, give her tiny feet and a high singing voice – perfect! 

Not so bothered about what William wears, to me a suit, is a suit, is a suit…blah, blah, blah!  But can I just say that after watching all the BBC America footage about my future king: isn’t he a lovely bloke?   He’s sufficiently regal yet also one of us (except that he has a posh voice and loads of body-guards). He’d look good in a crown or a woolly hat, he is able to be serious and stately and then crack a joke with the lads. And he’s very outdoorsy which I always think is a plus in a man.

Yes, I’m very impressed.   He can come and royally shake my hand any day!   Seriously Wills… just call my secretary and we can set that up.  What’s that? Your busy saving the tigers in Africa and arranging the BIGGEST WEDDING OF THE CENTURY?  Oh…let’s take a rain check then.

Right, if you’ll excuse me, I must go and polish my tiara and make some cucumber sandwiches!

Bye y’all!


One Response to “Let’s Get Royal!”

  1. Hope you managed to see some of it – it was awesome, loved the dress!Kathleen.

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