A Clock Revelation!

Oh joy! Today I realised that the clock in my car has been running about six minutes fast!  This means that for months, nay possibly a year, I have been arriving at work, meetings, hair salons thinking that  have been late when in fact I have actually been on time!  This is good news.  Although it does mean that I have been apologizing like a bumbling fool unnecessarily and could explain why I’ve been getting those quizzical looks.

 I see myself differently now since the car-clock revelation…I am no longer a scatter-brained, frizzy haired wally with appearance of un-groomed poodle, I am in fact smooth, sophisticated business woman worthy of an appearance on one of those in-depth economic analysis programmes where the key is to look serious and knowledgeable, even though you may not be (it doesn’t matter because no-one really watches those programmes  – they only watch the first five minutes and then switch over to Animal Hoarders or Cake Boss…don’t they?… Ahem!) 

So I recommend this running-behind-clock technique to everyone as a self-esteem boost.  Although it wouldn’t really work in you knew that your clock was running behind because then you’d probably over-compensate and end up being late anyway.  So you’d have to get someone to sneak into your car when you’re not looking and change the clock.  Except you’d know that you’d asked them to do it, so then you would always be suspicious of them and the clock in your car so that might not work either. 

Actually you could do it by mentioning it to the garage next time you take the car in for a service.  So when they ask you if it needs an oil change you could say: “Yes, and you might want to look at the clock.” And then give them a huge comical wink.  Except that wouldn’t work because then they’d probably think you were flirting with them and this could result  in a very awkward situation – or a couple of hundred extra dollars on your bill which wouldn’t be great either!

So actually I don’t recommend it to anyone after all.  Except if it happens by accident, like it did to me and then to those people I say: “Lucky you – welcome to my world, the world of the sleek and sassy.” 

Unless of course your clock is accidentally too slow.  If that’s the case…well you’re on your own kid!


One Response to “A Clock Revelation!”

  1. Funnily enough i always run my car clock 4-5 minutes fast so that I arrive early – same difference!

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