Soap, soap…and more soap!

Over the past few days I have come across fourteen different types of bars of soaps, in various establishments – restaurants, hotel rooms (yes I have been away at last.  Business or pleasure? Was I alone?  Ah you’ll have to wait and see…), other people’s houses (not that I snoop or anything!)  

Anyway, who knew there were so many?  So that you too can be soap savvy, I have listed them below…

face soap (Something with such a plain title as this, is not going anywhere near my face!)

body soap

hand soap

bath soap (Isn’t this just a posh way of saying bog-standard,average soap?)

face scub bar (Be careful here – one doesn’t want to risk looking like one has had a chemical peel!)

body scrub bar

gentle soap (Much needed after all that scrubbing!)

extra gentle soap (Well some of us have more sensitive skin…)

cleansing bar (Aah…the word cleansing is so comforting isn’t it?)

body bar

detoxifying bar (Oh yes  – always happy to detox!)

moisturizing soap bar for face

moisturizing soap bar for body (Your all-over skin condition has got to pretty poor to need this one – are we feeling a bit flaky dear?)

refreshing soap

luxury soap (Well that’s more like it!  Just tell me it’s enriched with almond oil and avocado and I’m all yours!)

And I haven’t even started on fragrance or liquid soaps!  Now where is that soap dispenser…

Bye y’all!


2 Responses to “Soap, soap…and more soap!”

  1. You know what I love? Those new automated soap dispensers in public bathrooms that work like the faucets and you just have to stick your hand under. Happy not to have to touch anything!

  2. Ah yes – anything to avoid touching surfaces in a public loo! 😉

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