Public Nose Picking!

I have seen three people picking their nose in their cars today.  Two blokes, one woman.  Now, I just want to make it clear that I’m not judging – as far as I’m concerned your bogey’s are your own affair.  It doesn’t matter to me if you choose to have an indulgent dig around.  After all, I would much rather you move an offending bleg than leave it hanging there for all to see.  Really.  There’s nothing worse than chatting over coffee opposite someone with dangling nasal mucus. So I totally understand that on occasion it may be necessary to do a quick pick – in private

Therefore let this posting simply serve as a candid reminder to all, that even though you may feel invisible inside the metal bubble of a Honda Odyssey or a Chevy Tahoe, even a racy Mazda, you are in fact quite visible, due to those glass features known as windows and the fact that  Harry Potter’s Invisible cloak is not, in fact, a reality.

 Thus, I can actually see you delving among the chasms of your nostrils as we wait in line for the lights to change.  I can also see you roll any items you may find lurking in your hooter between your fingers before flicking it away.  And, to the lady with the blonde highlights and diamante embossed pink t-shirt (not hugely stylish but I won’t hold that against you) I would just like to say that it really doesn’t bother me if you choose to ingest such findings, really. It doesn’t make you a bad person – I just don’t want to see you do it!   

Just off to get a snack…although my Broccoli and Cheddar Soup somehow seems less appealing all of a sudden!

Bye y’all!


10 Responses to “Public Nose Picking!”

  1. OMG! How disgustingly true this is!! 🙂

  2. Personally, I’m a fan of the people who pick it, then proceed to roll the boogar between their fingers until it disintegrates. It’s like they’re testing the laws of physics or something.

  3. Deana Birks Says:

    My favorite was the guy who pulled out a big juicy one in an elevator (hello, it might feel like your own private room but there are other people in here with you!). I kid you not, he wiped it on the wall of the elevator. I’m talking grown man, in suit, in an office building.

  4. Okay..I think its gross..but funny! You think when people pick their nose..that their conscious would get the best of em’ and make them second guess themselves! Its like passing gas when you ‘think’ no one is around!:)

  5. Oh don’t get me started on passing gas! 😉

  6. Josie, Josie, Josie,

    Nose-picking is an age-old and healthy tradition. It’s society and the media that have created “the new world” in which nose-picking is frowned upon. Just look at the news stories such as this one I came across earlier today, “Nose-Picking Clepto Wiped Up At Bloomies”. Poor thing. She just couldn’t suppress those primal urges. All she tried to do was help a fellow human by ridding them of their bogeys. And what thanks did she get? She was hauled to jail for stealing another person’s crusties – not helping another person, stealing from another person.

    No, my dear Josie, it is the sensationalizing media that has twisted and molded society into bringing shame on the nose-pickers of the world. There was a time those pickers you witnessed would have been in the majority and not “hiding”. The shame is in creating a taboo out of something that is natural, wholesome, and even beautiful.

    Nose-Pickers Unite!

  7. I had no idea nose-picking evoked such passion! Thankyou for highlighting what a deep and soul searching topic this is! 😉

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