So I thought my New Year’s Resolution was going pretty well until someone told me that you can overdose on water and end up in hospital.  Obviously as I had been drinking litres of the stuff, I was a bit concerned.  So I began substituting the bottles of Evian with big mugs of coffee.   Which was great actually…until someone at work told me that coffee doesn’t count! Humph!  Not sure why  – I mean it’s made with water isn’t it? 

Anyway, since then I’ve been sulking and substituting my coffee with Green Tea which is yuck  if you ask me, so I have to put a tablespoon of honey in it to make it palatable.  This means that I’m now consuming much more sugar than I did before and most likely will put on weight and develop diabetes.  So that rather overrides the whole point of trying to be healthy by drinking water in the first place doesn’t it?

And this, I feel,  just goes to illustrate why New Year’s Resolutions are a pretty bad idea!

Bye y’all!


6 Responses to “Update”

  1. Machelle Grimes Says:

    Ponderous Josie. *sips vodka tonic*

  2. Vodka…now there’s an idea! 😉

  3. You can’t win! I have a love/hate with diet soda too….definitely better than downing tons of the real stuff, but keep hearing its not that good for you either.

  4. Soda is a definitie no-no for me – my stomach inflates at the very sniff of a Pepsi!

  5. I agree entirely which is why I resolve not to resolute! Also, if you eat too much cabbage you can die. Look that one up!

  6. What do you die of – excessive gas? 😉

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