The Jilted Lover!

So I’m trying not to take this personally but it’s a little difficult not to feel a tad dumped! 😦  Ella has a new blog!  And it’s all writery and serious – nothing like this one.  Apparently she wanted to distance herself from me a bit more, seeing as she has nearly finished the other book with that other girl in it, Trisha Something-or-other.

As far as I know, she’s not a bit like me…in fact at the beginning of the book she’s a right party-pooper and has let herself go a bit – I mean she doesn’t even get her hair done until two thirds of the way through the book – honestly! 

   The book’s a bit gloomy in parts…so I’ve heard…nothing like High-Heels And Slippers so…you know as heroines go, we’re completely different…which is good.  Yes I should hardly feel threatened… and she doesn’t actually have her own blog – just a page so she’s hardly celebrity level.   

So just to show there are no hard feelings and that I am completely ok with this, here is the link to the new blog which is called  Ella Slayne – Writer (hardly inspiring if you ask me but there we are):

No so am not threatened at all…really…but I would be a bit miffed if that Trisha book got published before mine – humph!

Bye y’all!


2 Responses to “The Jilted Lover!”

  1. Not to worry Josie. If creating fictional characters is like having children they will be room for both of you. Kathleen.

  2. Congrats, love the new website!! And no worries Josie, more publicity for you too 🙂

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