From Bah Humbug to Now That’s What I Call Christmas!

To be honest this was going to be a bit of a anti-Christmas rant!  It was going to be about how sick I was of hearing horrendous Christmas music blaring form every corner of the shopping centers – I mean honestly how many versions of Deck The Halls and White Christmas are there? 

And about how annoying it was that every shop and doctor’s office reeked of cinnamon and spice air freshener – to the point that I began to wonder if my nasal hairs were being compromised.  

And how I everytime I drove around the neighborhood, I feared for the future of our planet because of the outrageous amount of Christmas lights which adorn every yard.

Yes it is probably true to say that I was not really in the Christmas spirit.

Until yesterday that is – when I was invited to a Christmas party and had the excuse to don a little black dress,  red liptstick and socialize.   It’s amazing what having a few cocktails and canapes with friends can do to lift one’s spirits.  Not to mention a pair of classy high-heels and spirtz of perfume!

Merry Christmas y’all and as the wise Mr Lennon once said “Let’s hope it’s a good one!”


4 Responses to “From Bah Humbug to Now That’s What I Call Christmas!”

  1. Well maybe that is the trick than to “get into” it…a few cocktails and grand friends…than everyday shall be Christmas!

    Nice Post!

  2. Machelle Grimes Says:

    Josie, if ya REALLY want to don the Christmas spirit, pull on a pair of dress boots (not yer work ropers), a tight pair of jeans (not yer faded ones), a fancy shirt with some bling, and come on over to the big barn for our hoe-down tonight. There’ll be plenty o’ handsome pokes looking fer a lil’ filly to dance with. A lil’ Texas two-step, Cowboy Swing, and a round o’ The Cotton-eyed Joe with twin fiddles will put the Christmas spirit into anyone.

    Merry Christmas Darlin’

  3. Yes well a “hoe-down” sounds fun, although not sure whether I own a “fancy” shirt and am a bit worried about the “handsome pokes”… but I do love a good fiddle! 😉

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