Poet’s Corner – oh I say – is Josie Jenkins getting a bit intellectual?

I am not usually a literary nut but while flicking through a book of poetry by  Dorothy Parker  –  as you do, daaaarling! – I came across this, which I found to be wonderfully short and to the point!

News Item

Men seldom make passes

At girls who wear glasses.

Dorothy Parker

You said it Dorothy – thank goodness for contact lenses!  😉

Bye y’all!


12 Responses to “Poet’s Corner – oh I say – is Josie Jenkins getting a bit intellectual?”

  1. That is so funny. 🙂

  2. Machelle Grimes Says:

    And extended wear contact lens. And lasik.

  3. Gotta say though, my husband likes the sexy librarian look once in awhile 🙂

  4. Oh yes – it’s all about options! 🙂

  5. I have to say, Josie, I think glasses are making a comeback. I wear contact lenses (because my glasses broke and I never replaced them) but I used to have men make comments about my sexy eyewear.

    I think it’s all about being able to work your look, no matter what it is.


  6. You’re right – you work it sister!

  7. But would a girl with glasses really want to get involved with someone who doesn’t like them? Leave the glasses on, I say, and go for the man who finds them attractive.

  8. Amen to that!

  9. Haha, a poet with a sense of humor. But, Josie, there must at least be a few men out there who are not intimidated by intellectual women? If not, how very dismal!

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