Quick Tip No.5!

Never underestimate the value of a good bra fitting!  

Seriously – it’s so worth the money  – and the embarrassment as you stand opposite a three way mirror with Miss Over-Smiley-and-Ever-So-Young shop assistant, staring at your scantily clad torso as she shoves her fingers down the back of the bra strap and tells you “Ooh this is a lovely fit madam”  – aargh!  

You know I’m right ladies!

Bye y’all!


8 Responses to “Quick Tip No.5!”

  1. You’re so right Josie. I remember my mother telling me about the ‘Spirella’ Lady who would come to your house for a home fitting!

    Keep the advice coming.


  2. Machelle Grimes Says:

    Bras are over-rated. All natural, baby!

  3. You’re a brave woman, Machelle! 🙂

  4. Ladies – I think I have just died and gone to heaven! Thankyou Kathleen for introducing me to the world of Spirella – you must look at this link – it is an inspiration: http://www.corsetiere.net/Spirella/Corsetiere/Fitter.htm#Method

  5. Agreed!!! The same goes for jeans.

  6. I’m with Rachel, Machelle is brave!

    Josie, I had a bra fitting years and years ago. The woman was crazy. She started dreaming up sizes that I didn’t even know existed.


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