Thinking About Shorts! (Actually it’s become a bit of an obsession…)

Who on earth invented shorts?  If you think about them long enough they are just silly aren’t they?  It’s like when you say a word over and over again, it starts to sound bizarre, same with a pair of shorts, if you stare at them long enough they strike you as the oddest piece of clothing.  

I suppose they were born out of necessity, I mean I get it, you know, it’s stifling hot outside, you have to get around without sweating yourself into a faint, so it makes sense to expose some of the leg area.  But really and truly, they are the most challenging of garments and quite frankly should be off-limits to a lot of people (including myself).  Because let’s be honest about this, very few people actually look good in shorts…it’s one of those facts you have to face when staring at yourself in the changing room mirror.   Unless you happen to be  long-legged and super toned  – I’m sure those body-types look good in shorts … but then thinking about it, even they should avoid wearing shorts because  it makes the rest of us look bad. 

For years I completely avoided them – plumping for the cropped trouser instead…or a swishy skirt, on my more bohemian days.  But eventually the incessant heat in Texas got too much for me and I had to succumb – eek!  What a nightmare trying on various different pairs of shorts and watching how my wobbly thighs balked at their sudden exposure!

In the end I went for a pair from Gap mainly because they were called Boyfriend shorts and I liked the name, but also because I could do up the waistband on a size ten, which is always a bonus!  They’re  dark grey which I like to think gives me a bit an urban New Yorker look when teamed with a black t-shirt (well a girl’s gotta dream huh?). 

The drawbacks or opting to wear shorts, apart from the chance of being laughed and pointed at in the street of course, are maintaining the removal of leg hair – always a drag – much easier to get away with a bit of leg stubble in crops!   But the  benefits are that my entire legs have gone a lovely golden brown colour, not just my ankles! And they have this wonderful way of bagging out during the day, which makes me feel as if I have suddenly lost ten pounds on the Jenny Craig diet! 

Although I suspect all that bagging makes my bum look like a bag of potatoes – still, my bottom is, thankfully, behind me, so who cares?

Bye y’all!


5 Responses to “Thinking About Shorts! (Actually it’s become a bit of an obsession…)”

  1. Machelle Grimes Says:

    Love that optimistic viewpoint! (Or rather, lack there of!)

  2. I always wondered why they called them “shorts” but they don’t call trousers “longs”. And, who are “they” by the way??!! TeeHee!!

  3. Ah yes the infamous “they” – I don’t know who “they” are either but they certainly seem to make a lot of decisions for us! 🙂

  4. Very true about having to maintain smooth skin during the summertime. It’s such a pain in the ***.


  5. I love the winter for it means I am allowed to shave less and less and no one will judge me. Thank you, London, for being cloudy and overcast 🙂

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