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A Good Heel Pummel

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There really is nothing quite as rejuvenating as a good heel pummel!  It’s even better if you can pay someone else to do it, of course, but if you find, as I did recently, that you are in dire need of some dry skin removal with no spa facility available, it is actually still rather rewarding to chisel away at one’s own heels.

I may have mentioned before that my feet are disposed to drying out.  It is a sad truth that I am genetically prone to develop cracked heels – humph!  Well I say genetically prone but actually have no idea if anyone else in my family has dry feet – I mean it’s not the kind of thing you tend to discuss when you’re on a yearly visit back home.  “Ooh I love the new living room sofa  Aunty Val, by the way do you have cracked heels?”  You can try to take a peek of course,  but the fact is that people in the UK tend to wear socks most of the time so the chances for a heel scan are limited!

Anyway, to get back on track,  the reason for my dire flaky heel situation is that I have been camping.  It was one of those work bonding things, involving a Texas lake, various activities incorporating several wood constructions and a lot of bug spray.  I’m not sure that my rather round bottom hanging from the zip-liner was a pretty sight, and the rather panicky screeching was most likely off-putting, but the email from Head Office said it was compulsory, so what can you do?

There were some plus points, like the regular evening binge of chocolate and marshmallows by the fire and plentiful supply of red wine, which certainly made sleeping in a tent more bearable.  However having  no access to a hairdryer for four days is not ideal.  When I returned home, my hair looked like an unpruned privet hedge.  And of course there was the dry skin situation…hence the emergency slathering on of Intensive Rehydrating Body Gel – which was actually more like coating my skin in a layer of slime but did seem to work – and the aforementioned heel pummel!

I really do feel that  those company bonding sessions are overrated.  I mean what’s the real benefit of knowing that your colleagues pick their nose and fart like everybody else?  

Bye ya’ll!


Quick Tip No.4

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They say imitation is a form of flattery –  well when I was at school it was called copying and worthy of a detention. (Although as I tried to explain to Mr Grimworthy I was just checking my answer – there is a difference!)

Anyway the hot tip today is: BE ORIGINAL!   (I do realise that I am not the first to think of this concept but I thought it was worth reiterating)

Peace out guys!…Eek – what’s happening to me?…I’m listening to Tracy Chapman and have come over all hippy!

Bye y’all!