Quick Tip No.3…

Obviously we’re on a roll here!

Josie’s Quick Tip  No.3:

Don’t pigeonhole yourself – afterall you’re not a pigeon! 

 (Besides, those holes are small and pokey which makes it hard to move and spread your wings – sort of cramps your style.)  

Bye y’all!


4 Responses to “Quick Tip No.3…”

  1. Hi Josie, I love all your quick tips. Life is so busy these days it’s refreshing to get the condensed version for a change.
    Also, what a great idea to have a character doing the blog. I love it. A great concept.
    Top marks!!

  2. Oh my god, you’re right. I am not a pigeon!


  3. Love it! BTW Josie, I’ve got another award for you and Ella!! These quick tips really make me laugh 🙂

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