Another One of Josie’s Quick Tips!

Josie’s  Quick Tip No.2:

If you’ve got it, flaunt it – if you haven’t, don’t!  

(It’s always good to know one’s style limitations if you ask me!)

Bye y’all!

PS: I’d say much more about this but am trying not to wax lyrical necessarily – this is quite hard because as you may have realised I am a natural rambler.

PPS: Therefore I’m actually quite proud of myself for not going into any more detail – but let me just say that if  it’s in any way unclear, just let me know and I’d be happy expand further – I have plenty of examples…


11 Responses to “Another One of Josie’s Quick Tips!”

  1. Does this mean we’re all onto a winner whatever we’ve got?

  2. How come more of us haven’t thought of this?

  3. Machelle Grimes Says:

    So what you’re saying is if I have a big callus on my toe, I should wear fancy sandals?

  4. Kathleen – am loving the positive attitude and while I am a great believer in loving the skin your in, I’m also a believer in not necessarily showing everyone all of said skin and covering up as and when appropriate! Which leads me to Machelle: definitely NO fancy sandals when sporting a callus! 😉

  5. That is some pearl of wisdom, Josie. I love it!


  6. Sometimes the less that is said, the better the understanding. I love this tip 🙂

  7. I do have a question, Josie. I love your advice, but would you be so kind as to advice us, the not so savvy ones out there, on how to recognize whether we have ‘it’ or not? This whole ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’ and all makes it quite murky, you know?

  8. lol. you have a cool sense of humour

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