Josie’s Quick Tips! No.1…

Ella is trying out a new thing, apparently.  From now on, occasionally, I am to deliver a witty and pithy Quick Tip.  Sort of in the style of Good Housekeeping, so you can imagine me with 1950’s style hair, wearing an apron if you like and talking in a very clipped Queen’s English.   She would probably say it is a way of revealing more layers to my fictional personality however if you ask me, it’s just an excuse for not writing a proper blog.   For the time being though we’ll give her the benefit of the doubt, because let’s face it, it must be pretty taxing on the old brain to have to think up lengthy blog posts every week musn’t it?  So glad it’s not up to me – I can’t even handle the odd tweet!

Anyway here it is:

Josie’s Quick Tip No.1:

If you’re tummy feels like it’s bulging out of your skinny jeans, or even your relaxed fit jeans for that matter  (in which case I suggest some form of exercise because the whole point of the relaxed fit is that they looked relaxed and not as if they are restricting your ability to breathe!  So if your relaxed fit jeans are tight, you probably need to do something about it which involves a sport’s bra and a pair of leggings – although not if you’re a bloke because then a sport’s bra is a bit pointless, unless you have a case of the man-boobs, although, even then a bra should NOT be worn – I’m afraid you just have to brave out the man-boob droop really – oops these are supposed to be pithy! )  Let’s start again:

Josie’s Quick Tip No.1: (take two)

If your tummy feels like it’s bulging out of your skinny jeans or even your relaxed fit jeans – ok let’s just say ANY jeans – while you are seated at the dinner table, try standing up to eat instead.  It’s a lot more comfortable and although it may appear a tad anti-social, rest assured,  it is in fact a lot better than subjecting your fellow diners to a floppy role of gut which will no doubt put them off their over-sized bowl of tagliatelle!  (Oh and maybe cut down on the carbs too…)

Bye y’all!


6 Responses to “Josie’s Quick Tips! No.1…”

  1. Sooo funny, Josie! Although it hits a little to close to home since I’ve just come back from vacation with what feels like an extra 5 pounds of that gut roll. I’m actually sitting here in the workout wear I got dressed in this morning, but at nearly noon have yet to actually get my lazy butt out the door and to the gym. I’ll have to give your standing tip a try at dinner. I’m usually constantly getting up anyway for ketchup and milk refills so wonder if the family would even notice 🙂

    Love the quick tips idea. Will be looking forward to #2!

  2. When you get back, swing by my blog and pick up the award I’ve got for you 🙂

  3. Ooh another blog award – can’t wait to have a look! Perhaps I should book in for highlights and a pedicure? I’m thinking of a simple yet stylish gown this time…fuscia seems to be very “in” at the moment! 😉

  4. Love the idea of pithy tips Josie — which woman can resist timely words of sage advice?

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