Jetsetter! Or maybe not…

So first of all I must apologise for the fact that things have been a bit quiet on the blog front  – this is due to several reasons, the main ones being that rather inconsiderately, a month ago, the schools all closed down for the  summer vacation (thus leaving quiet moments for blog contemplation rather hard to find)  and also because  Ella and her family are currently  travelling in Europe and wifi reception has been a bit patchy (which apparently can make posting new blog entries a bit tricky). 

I realise that this may sound a bit glamorous but the reality is far from it I’m afraid. I’ll put it into perspective so you see what I mean.

Whereas I get to travel with a stylish Jane Marvel  carry-on and a cashmere pashmina (thank God!), Ella gets to travel with three children under twelve and a Bob The Builder backpack!  So instead of rummaging through her collection of handy Eagle Creek mesh bags  for the all-important-travel essential Evian Facial Mist, poor Ella finds herself digging around among the diapers for glow in the dark dinosaur stickers.  And whereas most of us are happily sipping on a glass of Cotes-du-Rhone after take-off, Ella is sucking on left-over Starburst.  Yes hardly the high-life.

When I say Europe, I mean she’s in the UK actually but Europe sounds more E. M Forster doesn’t it?  You know, as if she has travelled overseas to the lakes of Italy to take the waters when in fact she has flown over the Atlantic to see the rellies.  So rather than sending for afternoon tea from a grand Art Deco hotel balcony while trunks of crinoline dresses and cotton blouses are being unpacked by the sullen mediterranean maid, Ella is, in fact, trying to keep the dirty laundry away from her Ann Taylor Loft linen tunic and lamenting the fact that someone has left the lid off the baby wipes again!

Ah yes, as the rellies would say: Happy Days!

Bye y’all!

PS: please excuse typos – Ella is writing this at 3am – the curse of jet-lag!


4 Responses to “Jetsetter! Or maybe not…”

  1. Cathy Evans Says:

    I miss you Josie! You too, Ella!

  2. Josie, let Ella know that I’m in London if she wants to get away! Just shoot me an email and I’ll come pick her up from the train station and we can have a good gossip session.

    Otherwise, have fun in ‘Europe’!


  3. Machelle Grimes Says:

    Oh Josie! Poor Ella! Yes she is in a bit of a quandary. I do wish she were more a jet-setter like you and I. After all, I spent my weekend on the banks of the Guadalupe River in picturesque New Braunfels, TX.

    Our first night in our family-size tent which sleeps 4, (2 queen-size blow-up mattresses without matching sheets) was spectacular. You just can’t beat that back-to-nature great night’s sleep when you burn up from the 80 degree temperature and simultaneously freeze due to the 90% humidity.

    An added bonus is when it rains and the tent leaks, soaking your sheets after you’ve spent an hour brushing off the dirt tracked in by your muddy 7 & 9 year old kids, who use the beds as a changing room.

    The ambiance provided by the partying natives caps off the night. Loud music and drunken banter lasting until 4 in the morning is something that everyone should experience. And I almost forgot the 6 am air horn wake-up call.

    All this and I haven’t even started on the part where you actually float in a tube down the river. Did I mention the 2 am fireworks display?

    Oh well. Not everyone can be as posh as we are Josie!

    Love to all!

  4. Have a great trip!!

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