Loo De-Stress

OMG!  I just had to share this with you.  I’m not sure if Ella has mentioned on this blog yet, but I have a bit of a thing about loos, or restrooms!  It’s definitely in the book,  so I won’t bore you with too many details but the fact is that loo cubicles can be a source of stress for me. So much so that it can seriously halt my ability to pee in some situations.   I have an issue with door locks you see.  The worst are those kind which you lock using the door handle and then they automatically unlock when you open the door – I prefer a bolt because then there is no risk of thinking you have locked to the door, only to find out when someone walks in on you that you haven’t!  Doesn’t bear thinking about really!

Anyway I went to a cafe this morning for a bit of a sit-down and slurp of coffee, as you do, and inevitably upon leaving said establishment, I nipped to the loo.   My first thought was oh no, this loo cubicle is too big for me to ram the door shut with my leg and so I made a quick assessment of the door lock.  To my UTTER JOY I found that the owner of the cafe had made a sign, with diagrams, explaining what the lock looked like when it was locked and unlocked.   What a fabulous idea!  And it was handmade!  Some dear person had taken the time to draw a picture of the loo-lock and so save people like me from the stress and worry, and possible embarrassment, of being exposed while on the loo!  And quite frankly, every loo should have one – it should be a requirement just like those employees must wash their hands signs.

In fact the whole set-up was pretty nice actually, soft loo-roll, a nice wide hand-basin and one of those subtle hand driers that doesn’t mess up your hair as well. Yes they’d done a pretty good job – except for the lack of soap.  There was just an old bottle of AlmondWipeAwaysoap,  which was empty.

Anyway the sign more than makes up for that!  I still can’t quite over it and I’ll tell you something, I’d like to shake that person’s hand – providing they hadn’t just been to the loo of course!

Bye y’all!


11 Responses to “Loo De-Stress”

  1. Kathleen Says:

    A last someone has had the courage ot voice what must be a wisdespred ‘phobia’, especially to those of us who have short legs! I look forward to hearing more about it from the book.

    • You know it never occurred to me that short legs could be part of the problem…in fact you’ve given me an idea – what if you could carry around a retractable stick everywhere and then you could use that to keep the door closed…I may have just had a genius idea! (It had to happen one day I suppose!)

  2. Where is that place? i need to find it!

  3. I hate, loathe and despise automatic anything. What if I’m not done yet?! Why are you flushing on me? And then when I go to wash my hands, the water never works … what happend to handles? I can do it myself you know.

  4. Josie, I hate trying out new clothes in fitting rooms for the same reason! They never have reliable locks and how come all the doors to those cublicles are slatted and anyone can see through them, if they have a mind to? Isn’t the stress of having to try out a new pair of pants enough without these things adding to it?

  5. Oooh, I hate the automatic flushing toilets too!! Funny post, Josie 🙂

  6. If either Ella or Josie had been to where I’ve just been for the last two weeks you’d never be able to look at a loo again. I’ve had some crazy experiences.


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