Blusher Blunder!

As a celebration of my second award I treated myself to a new blusher – it was the perfect reason for a  make-up splurge!   Other reasons are good too like: being dumped by boyfriend, PMS (that’s a good reason for anything actually), or finally being able to wear that pair of jeans again! 

So my new blusher is called Cherry Cheeks and was wildly expensive but I decided that a celebrity doesn’t worry about things like that!  I mean does Meryl Streep, recipient of several awards like me, have to look at the bottom for the price?   I don’t think so!  By the way, if I could choose to come back as someone else it would be Meryl Streep – that woman has class!… And really nice hair – for someone of her age… she’s also quite tall and nicely proportioned. And she is adored – I mean who has ever said anything bad about Meryl Streep?  

 Anyway, my new blusher is definitely worth the $38.76 (!) I paid for it because when applied correctly it makes my cheeks looks wonderfully sun-kissed and healthy – which, in the spirit of the Mastercard ads, is priceless!

However I think I may have overdone it yesterday because when I came into work, Christine asked me if I’d just been to the gym, observing that my face looked hot and flushed   – which was not the look I was going for!    Of course I had not been to the gym – I mean who has time to go to the gym before work? …Oh maybe Meryl Streep!  But then she probably doesn’t start work, I mean shooting until midday or something, and even then she probably has someone to do all the excercises for her!  Anyway  I was too embarrassed to admit that no I had not, in fact, been to the gym but had instead, been snoring very gently into my pillow while my alarm buzzed in the background – I really should go to bed earlier –  so I lied and said yes I’d been on the treadmill for half an hour, and then rushed to the loos to wash it off – probably wasting 80 cents worth of blusher – humph!

Funnily enough I don’t think celebrities have to worry about over-applying blusher either!  I’m sure Ms Streep has her own make-up artist…ooh I wonder how much that costs…

Bye y’all!


6 Responses to “Blusher Blunder!”

  1. emily fairman Says:

    Oh Ella, that is lovely. There’s a lot of Josie in me I think, but then again, in all of us! x

  2. Josie, I think you may be on to something — an assistant who works out for you, and you get to lose weight! Now, that is be what I’d call (literally) priceless! You should research into making that happen! Can’t you already hear the clanging of coins as they pour into your hands?

    • Yeah I was thinking that it could be like those excercise tables where they move your legs for you…I’m not sure how it works but apparently they tone your legs while you get to lie down – which sounds good to me!

  3. Kathleen Says:

    Well done on the second award! A posh blusher is just the job, think I’d have gone for chocolate!!

  4. I try to use as little make up as possible, but often the splurge is necessary … Treat yourself!

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