Serving Suggestions!

I just opened a tin of peas to put with my crunchy coated cod fillets and while waiting for them to  heat up was reading the label on the can, as you do, only to find a serving suggestion  for Italian Meatball Soup!  That is what I call unecessary pressure.  I mean I only wanted a few peas and then I read that label.   Felt like a complete culinary failure – it ruined my dinner!

In fact I think all serving suggestions should be banned!  Here’s why:

1) They are always prepared by a trained chef, therefore look fantastic on the back of the box.  I am not a trained chef, therefore when I attempt to copy a serving suggestion, such as “baked chicken casserole with dumplings and a piped mash crust”  for example,  it looks a total mess and leaves me with awful inadequate feeling.

2) I wasn’t going to make Coconut Surprise anyway, I just wanted some soft brown sugar to put on my porridge – which involves no chef talents whatsoever – it’s just a case of gentle sprinkling.  Although there is an art to the sugar sprinkle actually – which is important if you’re a bit particular and have an aversion to sugar clumps -it’s all in the wrist!

3) I already know that you can spread soft cream cheese on a cracker, it doesn’t need an Einstein to work that one out – honestly do they think I’m thick or what?

4) If I buy some Choc Dippers to dip in my tea and the packet shows them being dipped in milk I feel as if I’m doing it wrong somehow and that mars my enjoyment of the whole experience. Actually I’m not buying those again, I’m going to stick to McVities Digestives because you know where you are with a digestive.  In fact, one of the few simple pleasures in life is dipping a digestive in a mug of tea.  No serving suggestion necessary!

Bye y’all!


7 Responses to “Serving Suggestions!”

  1. Machelle Grimes Says:

    McVitties are the best! No chef necessary!

  2. Rachel Says:

    I feel the same when you have to choose between the directions for “oven” or “microwave”. If you stick it in the nuker it’s just another reminder that you’re making your already lazy dinner even lazier.

  3. See what you have gone and done, Josie! Now I have to run to the grocery store to buy some biscuits, any kind when in a hurry, or I’ll feel like a loser having insipid tea this afternoon!

  4. Let yourself be guided by the cookie aisle – they have the wisdom that you seek!

  5. Haha just when I thought you couldn’t get any funnier, Josie, you up and write a post like this. Hilarious! Feeling inadequate over peas.

    I’m going to be stocking up on McVities when I get to London next week. And crumpets!


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