OMG!  Ella has put me on Twitter!  Just now, on a whim, she has signed me up for my very own Twitter account!  This is a completely silly move because I have absolutely no clue how to tweet  – I am so uncool!  Worse than that though,  is that Ella has even less know-how about the Tweeting world.  I mean on the scale of nerd to very cool, she is definitely nearer the nerd end than me.  Which means that between us we don’t really stand a chance of being up-to-the-minute Twitterers – or whatever it’s called!  

I mean what sort of thing are you supposed to say in a tweet?  Does it have to be something profoundly wise or side-splittingly funny?  If so, my tweets are likely to fail spectacularly.  I’d be better at the dull, mundane tweets like:  I just went to the loo or Picked my nose three times today.   But then who wants to know about that?  It is obvious I shall have to make something up in order to appear interesting and important and worthy of tweeting.  And yet I’m not even sure I actually want to be a Tweeter – I can’t help feeling there’s something a bit lonely about it.   But one of the annoying things about being a fictitious character is that you have no control! 

There is one plus side about joining Twitter –  you can stalk celebs and pretend that you are part of their illusive cool crowd by reading their Twitters, oops I mean Tweets.   Unfortunately,  the only celebrity I have found at the moment is Stephen Fry and he’s hardly A-list these days!    His latest tweet refers to a foggy morning in LA, he even uses the word pootle, not that I have anything against this word, it is a fine word, but it hardly makes for a mind-blowingly exciting tweet does it?  No offence Mr Fry.

 Actually am now thinking that Twitter is de-celebratizing (I think I just made up a word) celebrities by revealing that their lives could be just as boring as the rest of us.    Must try looking up Ashton Kutcher as have a feeling his Tweets might be a bit more interesting… could be something like: Just noticed that Demi has hair sprouting from her chin!  Or:  Have sudden craving for size 12 woman with bumpy thighs!  Now those would be Tweets worth reading!

Anyway wish me luck in the world of Twitter and if any of you have any tips, send’em my way! 😉

Bye y’all!

PS: You can see my Tweets on the righthand side of this blog.  My first one is hardly inspiring but I was under pressure!   Oh I can feel my hair frizzing with the stress…


7 Responses to “Twittering!”

  1. Machelle Grimes Says:

    Are we sure the tweeting world is ready for you, Josie?! Good luck!! For what it’s worth, I think tweeting that you ‘picked your nose three times today’ would be hysterical!

  2. Machelle, that would be hilarious!

    Josie, good luck in the tweeting world! You’re braver than I am.


  3. You’ll do just fine, Josie! I predict that you’ll be the queen of twittering before you know it!

  4. I don’t think I’ve used my Twitter in about a month. Don’t worry about your lack of skill. 🙂

  5. The problem is that unless you have people following your tweets it’s completely pointless. But really who has time to read other people’s tweets? It’s hard enough to keep track of my own life, never mind someone else’s! 😉

  6. I can’t see anything on the right-hand side of this blog, should I be able to?

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