Today so far I have…

  1. micro-abraised the skin on my face – I do not know what this means but apparently it is good for me.
  2. Washed my body all over with clarifying body wash and wonder whether my skin feels different now that it is ph balanced.
  3.  Covered my hair with intensified conditioning balm.
  4. Pummeled the heels on my feet with something that worryingly resembles a cheese-grater and rather surprised find that what came off my heels looked rather like grated parmesan!
  5. Moisturized said heels with a parsnip and almond heel cream (no, not really parsnip but it smells like parsnips and maybe parsnips have conditioning properties which just haven’t been discovered yet….)
  6. Plucked stray and unsightly hairs from chin – aargh!
  7. Shaved legs and underarms using soothing witch hazel shaving balm.
  8. Covered dark circles under eyes and the odd pimple with vitamin E nude concealer.
  9. Done thirty sit-ups and five press-ups (that’s an improvement actually) in attempt to firm up wobbly tum and strengthen core.  Although can’t help feeling that consuming less Dove chocolate might help as well!
  10. Gagged on one cup of detoxifying green tea – I know it’s good for me but I just can’t get over the taste!

And I have only been awake for thirty mins, crikey I haven’t even been to the loo yet, never mind eaten breakfast.

Seems once you hit the mid-thirties there’s a lot of…maintenance!  Or is it just me?

Bye y’all!


5 Responses to “Maintenance”

  1. You did all that in only 30 mins! That’s amazing, Josie. I wish I was that motivated. I can’t seem to dray myself out of bed for long enough to wash my teeth before it’s time to go somewhere.


  2. Jai – you must be younger than me and so under much less pressure to get everything done. These are just the things I need to do in order to step out the door without scaring any children! 😉

  3. Ewww… #4. Can’t get the image of grated parmesan out of my head now, lol.

  4. Oh no, Josie, I need to do all those things you do too. *giggle* I just don’t. Can’t be bothered. Little babies and small dogs run away in fear when I go out on my front lawn to pick up my post. I like that.


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