Ta-Da! (Please imagine a fanfare of trumpets here)

I have my own picture!  Don’t you just love it?  I do!  In fact I am absolutely thrilled!  And may treat myself to a new cherry lip plumper to celebrate!

It seems that since the blog won an award, Ella thought me worthy of my own personalised blog header.  Lucky for her that she just happens to have an old school chum who is a whizz in the graphics department!  Actually it’s amazing he even remembered her, because apparently the sixth formers at Ella’s school spent rather a lot of time boozing in the corner of the local pub!   Anyway,  it seems that some of these drunken fools turned out alright – although I’m still not entirely sure about Ella!  However it does lead me to wonder if beer is actually good for you after all – I mean isn’t it true that the monks of old used to brew their own?  There’s probably quite a lot of nutrition in all that hops! 

I simply have to thank Marek for giving me rather nice feet!  Those slippers are just like mine – how did he know?   I’d also like to thank him for not showing the big red blister I have on my right heel  – the result of a hasty and ill-advised running-shoes purchase.  Just because they are 50% off does NOT mean they are a bargain. Humph!

Am loving the heels Marek gave me too and actually have a Banana Republic navy wrap dress which would go perfectly with them, if only they were real … actually the dress isn’t real either.  Come to think it, neither am I!  But now that I have my own picture I do feel more real, and also quite important, so you may find that I begin take myself rather seriously from now on.   

You absolutely have to check out Marek’s website to see more of his work.   Here’s the link:  www.mjcartoons.co.uk       You’ll also find it permanently on the blogroll.   Seems he does all sorts – you don’t even have to be in the same country  – it’s all done through cyberspace apparently which is frankly, simply an incredible thing to a techno-wimp like me!

Ah yes I feel my celebrity status swelling – or is that just my head?  It’s starts with a blog award, next I get my own logo, before you know it, I’ll be chums with Oprah!

Bye y’all!


7 Responses to “Ta-Da! (Please imagine a fanfare of trumpets here)”

  1. Machelle Grimes Says:

    Your feet are lovely Josie! Way to go Marek!! Can you help me with my feet? XOXO

  2. Josie, LOVE your new avatar (the blog’s avatar, that is)!! You do have to give Ella a lot of brownie points for this, though — she did right by you. Which, she does, always anyway — hey, after all, I meet her in person all the time. It’s only natural that I need to be on *her* good side! 🙂

  3. WOW!!! I’m so impressed. That looks fabulous!! Ella you’ve got friends in all the right places. I visited Marek’s website too – what a talented guy!

  4. I love the graphic! That fluffy pink slipper is making me jealous. I want one! Or two!


  5. Ash Robbins Says:

    Very nice!! It really adds to the blog. And my theory on beer and nutrition is “there’s a sandwhich in every glass.”

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