An Outrage!

Well this is an absolute outrage!  I have really and truly got the hump!  Why?  You might well ask.  And I will happily tell you because quite frankly it will be good to get it off my chest.

Ella Slayne – my beloved creator – has given me the flu.  The flu!  She didn’t have to – I mean I’m a fictitious character right?  So she can choose whether I get flu or not.  I think it’s spite – she came down with it over the weekend and didn’t want to be the only one.  There’s no need to take it out on poor little defenseless me though is there? I mean she could have just breathed on her husband… or one of the kids!

Apparently she thinks it will be character revealing.  What’s character revealing about sweating your arse off and writhing around on the bed as every muscle in your body aches?  That’s what I’d like to know!  Surely everyone sobs for their mother when struck down with the flu?

What’s so revealing about shivering on the loo trying to pee as quickly as possible so you can get back into bed?  Or keeping a supply of moist kitchen towels on your nightstand so that you can delicately mop your brow like in a scene from a BBC adaptation of Pride and Prejudice? Ah Mr Darcy!  Shame he wasn’t around to make me some beef tea.  Or listen to my intermittent moans.  Or stroke my back…or caress my cheek or … ahem!  

Luckily I had an old packet of Cold and Flu remedy in the bathroom cabinet, so have been guzzling that for some temporary relief.  And thank goodness I had a pack of chocolate covered Hob Nobs stashed in the kitchen too  – they have been my only food source and  I recently read somewhere that the cocoa bean is supposed to be good for you so am hoping that will aid my recovery.  Although that, of course, is up to Ella!  Humph!

Yes it has been a bit of come down after my celebrity status last week I can tell you!


7 Responses to “An Outrage!”

  1. Poor Josie! And poor Ella. She must be really laid low if she’s passed the flu on to you, Josie.

    Be strong, girl. You can make it through this. Drink lots of glucose drinks and soups and eat oranges. And keep a hot water bottle nearby.

    Get well soon!


  2. You can’t be sick now, Josie/Ella! Spring is here!

  3. You should never have told me that the cocoa bean is good for you. Now I’ll always have an excuse!! 🙂

    Feel better soon!!

  4. Yes apparently the cacao bean is a natural anti-depressant which explains why I reach for a bar of Dairy Milk everytime I’m PMS!

  5. Josie, I’m sure it’s not Ella’s flu that got you down. Someone/everyone must have envied you and eyed you with evil eyes at that award ceremony the other day :).

    Hope you’re back to your old (no, I’m not implying that you’re old, I promise!) and bubbly self again!

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