Diamonds and stones

Ella has downloaded some songs by John Denver!   Now I’ve nothing against the lovely John –   I have to confess to wishing I was called Annie more than once or twice and wondering if I could fill up anyone senses,  but having to listen to them again and again can be a touch troubling, especially when  you’re rattling around in someone’s subconcious.   

I must have heard Some Days Are Diamonds more than a million times today – I exaggerate but that’s how it feels – boy that song goes on and on!  Eventually, I found myself pondering the lyrics and you know, actually it makes a lot of sense – some days are diamonds and some days are stones respect to Mr Denver, he was on to something!  

Here are some examples of diamond and stone days – as I see them anyway:

 Diamond days

1) Managing to shave my legs without a single scratch.

2) Buying a scatter cushion at Pottery Barn on a whim, finding out that it’s on sale and then finding out that it goes perfectly with the duck egg blue walls in the living room!

 3) Choosing  the soup and salad option for lunch, with no dressing.  This hopefully  leads to…

4) Looking good in my favourite wrap dress without any help from Spanx!

5)  Finding out that he does likes me that way after all!

Stone Days:

1) Waking up to find that my face is covered in PMS postules!

2) Laddering a new pair of tights the first time I put them on.  I really hate tights – or should I say pantyhose?  Such a strange word – makes me feel like I should water the garden or something!  Anyway my point is this: where’s the pleasure in having a bunch of nylon in your crotch? 

3) Reading the label of  the best baked potato soup ever to find out that it has 50 grams fat in it per serving and there are actually three servings in the pot and I’ve been eating the whole thing!  This inevitably leads to…

4) Accepting that I cannot possibly wear favourite wrap dress without the help of spanx!

5) Finding out that he doesn’t like me that way anymore.

Please can someone turn that music OFF?! 

Bye y’all!


8 Responses to “Diamonds and stones”

  1. Ah, who doesn’t love John Denver’s songs (esp. “Sunshine on my shoulder” makes me feel like weeping, though it’s not an unhappy song, don’t ask me why). Love your take on “pantyhose”, Joise! 🙂

  2. Oh, I was so devastated too when I actually dared to look at the labels on those delicious soups that Tom Thumb makes. Tomato Basil, Crab Chowder….they are sooo good! I could easily down a whole three servings too. I have to just make it an occasional splurge now, or even the Spanx couldn’t contain me!

  3. Now I’ll have to go dig up my John Denver CD’s! Your blog made me remember how much I love his singing, and how long it’s been since I’ve heard it!

    • Enjoy! Ella is having a NPR phase now, so find myself listening to Think and the BBC World Service – which makes a change but no chance to boogie! I wonder if she has any Elton John? You can’t beat a bit of Crocodile Rock!

  4. Regarding the tights, I agree. There’s no pleasure to be had with nylon at one’s crotch. I much prefer stockings – easier to go to the loo. But most of the time I go bare because I can’t be bothered to put the stockings on.


  5. The problem with stockings I find, is that unless you have a suspender belt, you must rely on the pop-sock variety which are prone to travelling south and wrinkling at the ankles in a rather Nora Batty sort of a way!

  6. This is going to sound crazy but have you ever tried clear nail varnish? You simply apply a bit of it on your stockings at the top so it dries and sticks the stockings to your thighs. Just a bit on each side of the stocking. Then they won’t fall down and give you that annoying wrinkly ankle effect. And when you take the stockings off you just peel them off with no problem.


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