Homesickness – well I’m only human!

Actually I’m not human, but I am a well-developed fictional character so I get highs and lows like anybody else, and sometimes I get so homesick that even the Antiques Roadshow makes me cry.   Who would have thought that watching the British public queue up to reveal the antique wonders  hidden in Granny Mildred’s  attic or Uncle Monty’s cellar could be so comforting?

Oh but it is!  I love to listen to all the British accents – accents I used to be so familair with, and yet now seem foreign to me.  I love to watch the cottonwool clouds loom overhead and the green trees swaying in a gentle British summer breeze – scenery I used to take for granted and now sometimes crave.

Even the clothes look different and often, I am left yearning for a quick snoop around the institution, that us Brits know and love – Marks & Spencers – a place where one can be guaranteed to find big pants and thermal socks!

Ah it’s funny the things you miss!

It’s only after living abroad for so long, that I’ve noticed how polite and modest the British can be.    It amazes me how the little old lady with a blue rinse and knitted cardigan – sitting in front of the antiques’ expert with a wonderfully posh voice – can produce a piece of  jewerly in a battered box, only to be told it’s an early Georgian necklace, worth thousands of pounds.  Does she whoop for joy, pump her fists in the air and yell: “YES!”   No, she chuckles shly and says meekly “Oh how lovely.” 

When I’m having a bout of homesickness,  I wear woolly socks, clutch a hot water bottle and indulge in unlimited Antiques Roadshow viewing or Cash In The Attic – which never fails to deliver   When desperate, I have been known to watch Top Gear, even though Jeremy Clarkson with his schoolboy humour and cocky love of cars, has always irritated me. 

All this overindulgent TV-watching is usually accompanied by copious cups of tea and a packet of McVities Digestive biscuits – and perhaps a box of tissues to mop up the odd homesick tear or two.  If it’s raining outside – which admittedly, is rare in sunny Texas – and I whack the air conditioning on high, it can almost seem like home.

Bye y’all  – or in the spirit of the BBC  – Cheerio!


3 Responses to “Homesickness – well I’m only human!”

  1. Lovely, Josie! I’m not a Brit and neither have I had the chance to set foot on English soil. (Well, I’ve been to both Gutwick and Heathrow airpoirts in transit, but that doesn’t count, does it?) Still, I’m a sucker for stories and shows set in the English countryside.

    “Are You Being Served?”, “As Time Goes By”, and “Keeping Up Apprearances”, among others, remain my favorite shows, however many times I watch them. Thanks for a stroll down memory lane!

  2. You make me want to hop on a plane myself! Have always thought of the UK as one of those places I just have to visit at some point in my life.

    Did you ever see the episode of Frasier when they appear on the Antiques Roadshow?? It’s a classic! 🙂

  3. Oh Josie! I know what you mean! McVities and a grey, rainy day make me homesick for England too, and I’m not even a Brit!


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